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Submit your expat business to feature on this site.

Are you a South African expat with a business? Want to submit your expat business to feature on our site?  We’d love to perhaps feature you on our site for all other expats to find.

PS There are no costs to you. We were asked, so we added it here to make sure it’s clear 🙂

How to do this:

1. Read the below and complete THIS FORM.
2. PAY IT FORWARD by sharing this link to all your expat friends so they TOO can be featured.


The aim of the form is to firstly tell the story of your business, and then secondly give people a way to get in touch with you when we write about you and the info you have given us, on Please give us as much quality and interesting info as you can. The form below gives Saffas abroad all the info we need to write an article about businesses owned by South Africans, in countries outside of South Africa. By submitting the form, you give us permission to write about your business, publish all details submitted, and also publish all media emailed to us.



We get it, pics tell a thousand words, and we want to see them! If you want to send pics of your business, please email them to us and MARK CLEARLY IN THE SUBJECT LINE: “THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS” as submitted in the form. Please group all photos together. If photos are too small, we will request larger photos.



Not all info is required, but giving us a lot to work with, makes it more appealing to write the article. If all the required info is not submitted, we will not write an article about your business. Please help us, in order to help you. We do however reserve the right to write about, or not write about, whom we feel fits into our target market interest category. Please note: This form asks for the details of the main business owner, who the public can get in touch with.



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